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by Second Nature on August 30, 2023
In a world where digital platforms often impose restrictions on characters, content, and creative expression, the notion of limitless digital possibilities seems a far cry from reality. In response, we established this blog as an integral component of our main website, seeking to break free from the confinements and rules that hinder unbridled expression and exploration in our field. It serves as a limitless space to delve deeper into our specialized craft, allowing us to continue the millennial tradition of mask-making, a practice steeped in rich history and diverse applications. The purpose of this blog is to provide a detailed insight into our processes and the expansive world of physical 3D design, a world unconfined by the limitations often found on other platforms.
Continuing a tradition that has spanned thousands of years, we have elevated our production of masks to a new level, combining ancestral techniques with modern innovations. We invite you to explore the various blog topics and enjoy the stories, discoveries, and the extensive knowledge we’ve accumulated in our journey to refine our craft.
This is our exclusive blog where we share in-depth details of our work, including:
  • Physical manufacturing: a detailed overview of the process from raw materials to finished product.
  • Advanced painting techniques: covering the spectrum from conventional to chemical metallization.
  • Material selection and texturing: choosing the right components to ensure durability and visual appeal.
  • 3D Design: exploring the digital stage that often precedes physical creation.
  • Geography of Masks: exploring the diverse origins and regional differences in mask design.
  • History of Masks: delving into the ancient traditions, evolution, and significance of masks in different cultures.
  • Festivities and Masks: uncovering the various holidays and celebrations around the world where masks play a pivotal role.
We aim to offer not just a blog, but a window into our ever-evolving world, a reflection of our relentless pursuit to expand our skills and offerings to keep up with the latest developments in the industry. Here, you will find a myriad of topics going beyond design, discussing the geography, history, and the myriad of holidays where masks are used, and much more.
Feel free to immerse yourself in our journey, go to the various topics, and relish the amalgamation of history, tradition, and advanced technique that we bring to the table in our pursuit of mask-making excellence.
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by Sergey Klochkov on September 27, 2023

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